Huge tidal range, strong currents and thousands of rocks; safe pilotage around Guernsey presents big challenges for all mariners. It’s not surprising that a number of boats suffer from ”granite rash” every year.

Many boat owners are intimidated by the complex pilotage around Guernsey, and as a result don”t get the full enjoyment or use from their boats. Others would like to increase their knowledge to make safer passages and visit unspoilt anchorages.

Whatever your aspirations, we offer pilotage instruction on your own boat, tailored to your needs. Whether you are new to Guernsey and would like some local knowledge or are an experienced boatie looking to extend your pilotage repertoire, we can help.

Your instructor will be Captain Tich Harvey, who has 20 years’ experience as a Guernsey harbour pilot and an intimate knowledge of Channel Island waters.

Please contact us for further details.